Friday, October 2, 2009

Chocolate Fix

This is my go to recipe when I want chocolate fast! I've been trying to perfect this recipe for forever, when I learned that it was really the entire recipe that was all wrong. Nikki finally gave me her recipe and it's perfect. My mom always made these growing up, so you know that means they must be easy because she doesn't cook!

No Bake Cookies

3 Cups of Quick Oats
1 Cup Coconut
1 Cup Peanut Butter

Put in a large bowl.
In a saucepan bring the following ingredients to a boil for 1 minute:

2 Cups Sugar
1/2 Cup Milk
6 Tsp. Cocoa
1/2 Cup Water

After this boils for 1 minute, turn stove off and add:

1 Tsp. Vanilla

Pour over dry ingredients and mix all together. Spoon balls onto greased cookie sheet and enjoy! I like them best when they are still warm.


J.Frey said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I made your chicken corn chowder soup today and we loved it!!! It is for sure a new favorite! So Yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

The Smith's Fridge Door said...

Hey Tish, thanks for posting a recipe for no-bake cookies. I have yet to make them and as I'm sure you know they are Michael's favorite! I am such a bad wife for never taking the time to make him his favorite cookies! Thanks again!! Miss you. :)