Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tip of the Day

Always keep lemons and limes on hand to perk up any recipe. Seriously!
If you haven't noticed, a lot of my recipes involve lemon zest or lime juice, etc. Lemon zest can be used in meats (remember the roast) and even desserts (remember the coconut cake) or the juice from a lime to add a little zing to any drink, not just diet coke! They even make for great centerpieces, like I used for Husband's birthday.

They're cheap and last a long time in the fridge, so stock up!

Even Ina Garten agrees (click through the slide show)

Image via House Beautiful

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Kellie said...

Hey! I made your cresent rolls the other day and they were so good!

The only problem was I cooked them at 400 for about 14 minutes and the tops were totally golden brown, but the insides were still a little too doughy. That's always my problem! Maybe I need to cook it at a lower temp for longer? I don't know but breads frustrate me!