Monday, June 22, 2009

No time for homemade?

Last week I went to bookclub and wanted to bring something yummy, but had no time to make something from scratch. I love making rolls, and will have to share my recipe soon, but I just couldn't fit it in my schedule. So, I ran over to Texas Roadhouse (remembering how yummy their rolls and cinnamon butter taste) and bought up a dozen of them. They come all wrapped up nicely in a pretty box and are only $3.99/dozen! So, if you're ever in a bind this is a great option.

If you haven't ever had them, trust me, their that good!

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Kellie said...

After reading this post, I craved Texas Roadhouse so we had to go there last week! It was yummy!

Let's see some Europe pictures! We should have a bbq get together sometime soon!