Thursday, June 4, 2009

I promise, you'll never go back

On Saturday morning I was craving pancakes, but I didn't have much time to make them from scratch, so I decided to make them from the box (not as good, but still worthwhile). I started getting everything out and the husband came in to help when I decided that I wanted to make homemade syrup, so the boxed pancakes would taste better. Husband starts getting annoyed that I'm taking the time to do this. I told him not only will I finish before he makes the pancakes, but he will thank me later for the delicious syrup.

Not only did he thank me while we were eating our pancakes with homemade syrup, but I finished way before he the pancakes were done!

Thanks to Adrianne, I now get why she won't eat store bought syrup. I know I won't!

Just follow the directions on the box.

Another tip: when making boxed pancakes, add some zest from a lemon and it will do wonders!

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J.Frey said...

I completely agree with you! Store bought syrup makes me gag! My mom always made homemade syrup so of course, I can't have anything but.