Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kitchen Love - Up Close and Personal

I feel pretty lucky. We live by a lot of my husband's extended family and they are all so much fun and we really love spending time with them.

In fact, the first Thursday of every month, all of us girls get together and have game night. It gives us one night away from the husbands and kids, as well as gives us a chance to see each others homes.

Last month we went to Jenny's house and I'm so mad I didn't bring my camera! She just built a beautiful home and I fell in love with it! My favorite part was her kitchen. It's pretty much everything I want my dream kitchen to be. Pretty white cabinets, dark wood floors, black countertops, amazing appliances (double ovens and double wide fridge - hello!). I may or may not have hugged her fridge, I'm just sayin'.

Since I don't have any pictures, I figured I would post this amazing kitchen and dining room I found in Lonny Magazine, via madebygirl. I'm seriously considering putting those dining room chairs in my living room. Beautiful. Enjoy!


J.Frey said...

Thanks Tish! You are too nice! You can come and hug my fridge anytime:)

Jessica said...

Thanks for reaffirming my desire to paint my cabinets white! So pretty!